Honoria Starbuck: Flaneuse

Honoria Starbuck (my wife, as you might know) has an art show coming up: Flaneuse, at the soon-to-be-opened Spellerberg Projects in Lockhart, Texas:


Artwork by Honoria Starbuck

January 16 – March 12, 2015
By appointment

Artist’s reception
Saturday, January 16, 5pm

Spellerberg Projects
103 South Main St.
Lockhart TX

Email info@spellerbergprojects.com

Spellerberg Projects is proud to present Flaneuse, a dynamic installation of small-format paintings by American artist Honoria Starbuck.

The works in this exhibition are 5 × 7 inch postcard-sized gestural paintings, produced in watercolor, pen & ink, pastel, collage, graphite and acrylics. They are the product of the artist as flaneuse, maneuvering through contemporary life and engagement with art history.

Starbuck’s inspiration flows from the earliest of mark-making gestures, prehistoric cave painting, through art history and up to present day practices such as digital painting via tablet computers. The pieces explore color, shape and the interaction of materials, with subjects ranging from observed nature, abstract forms and fashion.

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