One flight near Nauders, Austria, and one near Lieser, Germany. We spent a week in Nauders, with a sportube full of rc gliders that were put to good use. Nauders, in Austria near Italy an Switzerland offers a fairly mellow alpine flying site, that sometimes offers great lift. Just right for the casual slope flying flatlander. Up the road from Nauders is the Fiss-Serfaus-Ladis area, which offers more alpine slope flying, for another time.

Lieser, in Germany is where I grew up. So when visiting, the planes were exercised there too. It’s in a wine region that has been shifting from quantity to quality products over the last decade or so. This leaves some former vineyards as open fields today, allowing slope flying without the constant threat of impaling the plane on a vineyard post.

Since the Gopro camera acts like a spoiler on the fairly small Easyglider, the actual soaring performance seen in the videos is not great. But either site does offer good conditions at times. In Nauders, I had been able to take a glider up almost 700 meters, following another glider with an altimeter, and in Lieser, I had gotten a one hour no-power flight on the day of the video. Both without the camera-airbrake, though.


Open class Fusion, Graupner Amigo IV, FVK Bandit, Multiplex Easyglider